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Who is Veruci?

Veronica Acs was daughter, sister, wife, mother, cousin grandmother, mother-in-law and friend.

As an 18 year old girl, she was deported from her hometown in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, on the day of her high school graduation, to Auschwitz.

Her parents, Morisz and Iren Katz, along with her younger brother, Gyorgy, were all murdered in Auschwitz.

Fortunately, Vera was able to survive Nazi imprisonment under the watchful and protecting eyes of her older cousins, Borbala and Katalin.

Following liberation and a brief stay in Budapest, Vera returned to Nyiregyhaza, where the Jewish population had been decimated.

She eventually met and married Sandor Acs, whose parents, Ignac and Sarina Goldstein, were also killed in Auschwitz. With the exception of his brother, Ference, Sandor, had no known living relatives.

Living a comfortable life in Nyiregyhaza, with their 2 year old son, who was named in honor of Vera’s younger brother, Vera and Sanyi decided to flee the country during the Hungarian Revolution.

Following a short stay in Austria, they immigrated to the United States and reunited with the few remaining family and friends that survived the Holocaust, in New York, living with Katalin and her family, until they moved into their first apartment.


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