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Eventually, after working for others, Sandor started his own business and he and Veronica had another child, a daughter.

Veronica rarely spoke of her enslavement in Auschwitz. She never dwelled on the inhumanity and the profound sorrow of losing her family and friends. She was always grateful for what opportunities she was given to go on with her life.

Her greatest joys came as she saw her own family and the families of her cousins and friends grow and flourish. She took great joy in being with her family and friends.

In later years, following Vera’s protracted illness, Vera and Sanyi moved to Maryland, to be closer to their children. Vera surrounded herself with pictures of her family and friends and could always find the strength to smile when thoughts of loved ones were evoked.

This web site is dedicated to her memory and to all of those who perished, and to those who survived the horrors of the Holocaust.


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